How to create a strategic plan

The step by step guide to creating a clear and aligned strategic plan | taught by Anthony Taylor
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Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor
Managing Partner and Chief Strategist at SME Strategy Consulting

About the Instructor

Anthony is the Managing Partner at SME Strategy: A management consulting firm dedicated to helping teams an aligned vision and language for their organizations.

Anthony has worked with hundreds of organizations around the world in helping them set up and execute their strategic plans successfully. 

Anthony is the host of the Strategy and Leadership Podcast, he is the Author of Two books, including "Alignment: How to get your people, strategy and culture on the same page" 

He is a frequent contributor to news outlets around the world, and he really likes soccer and traveling. | 1-855-895-5446

Are you trying to get your team on the same page with your strategic plan?

Do you want to create a strategic plan that has a clear vision and focus?

This course will teach you the exact process we use with our clients to help them create a strategic plan for their organizations.

You'll learn:

  • How to create a long-term vision
  • How to structure your strategic plan
  • How to get buy-in for your strategic plan
  • How to foster better teamwork, engagement, and innovation
  • How to establish strategic priorities
  • How to use a mission statement to focus your energy and work
  • How to get your team aligned on your strategic plan.
  • How to build a step-by-step action plan for your strategy.
  • How to set Goals and KPI's that will move the strategy forward.
  • How to create clarity for your staff and team members
  • How to communicate your strategic plan and priorities with your stakeholder
  • How to create strategies and tactics that support your balanced scorecard (and other measurements)

This Strategic Planning Training Course is designed for managers, executive directors, and CEOs that want to run the strategic planning process with their teams.

There are 18 video modules + a bonus course that will walk you through all the areas required to undergo the strategic planning process with your team.

This Strategic Planning Training Course is created by SME Strategy Consulting, a management consulting firm that has worked with SME's, regional and national nonprofits as well as local and foreign governments to help them with their organizational development and strategy.

Course Contents

21 Videos
1 Survey
7 PDFs
8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Phase 3 - What is going to get in our way?